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Hi, I’m Kaschy

Well - I guess everybody has it's own story about beeing hooked on the Fiero - so this is mine:

The first Fiero I saw was in October ' 92, as I passed by a little cardealer
in Steinenbronn (near Stuttgart), which also sold 'Vettes, together with
my buddy Adrian. There it was, a for us very unknown exotic car
. ............So we had to stop and take a closer look.
It was a black ' 86 GT with completly tinted glasses. I became more and
more enthusiastic about that compact & sportive design every time we
droped by. So finally we had to do a road test. On my request the dealer
didn't hesitate and went for the keys.

So we could start: it was a complete desaster!! We had to back out from the dealers place, but we
couldn't get into reverse! After 15min of working hard on the joystick finaly the car was in road
direction. The feeling of driving the Fiero was great. So we almost could ignore that the 3rd and 4th
gear wasn't available, too. So we cruised the street almost as a traffic block in a very noisy 2nd gear,
with thousands of rpm's at about 50 mph. So in the next little town we managed to turn around, in
spite of all the dead ends and not trying to use the reverse again, (it wasn't really traffic safe) and
went back to the dealership. The dealer made me the offer to fix everything in the next weeks:
the transmission, the loose roof dome-interior, all the paint damages and the fragile door rubber
frame, (to list everything would explode my webspace). And I believed him - I must have been crazy !!!

After almost 2 month,as I droped by once a week, and I realized that the bad condition went from
worse to even more worse, 'cause the guy didn't turned around one single screw, - I blow the deal!
Also because even if I get the german state inspection (TÜV) I had to buy new tires, 'cause the
rubber-profile was that low you only could imagine it. And the solution for the dome interior was like
this (you can give it a big laugh): He wanted to "staple it" !

but where to find a Fiero again ?!

searched thru the papers and thought about direct car import from the states. Accidently I found
then one in my city, a dark red ' 88 GT automatic, but also in bad conditions. The rear wheel on the
driverside was standing out of the fender about 2 inches, like some one put on wheel spacers.

Great! might some think of this - but on the passenger side it was
the opposite. The dealer couldn't explain me this too. But he said
he has one more Fiero at home in his garage, a silver ' 86 GT.
If I wait a few days I can take a look at it. So this time I wasn't
dissapointed. Three days later (Trans'Adrian had to joyn me again)
we did the road test. And because at the very good condition I signed
the selling contract right away. Aware of knowing that this was one
of the last, build with a 4-speed transmission.

Since ' 93 I'm an enthusiastic Fiero-driver now. With the new millenium a changed from an
all-year-round-daily driver to a season-driver (means only from April to Oktober). To give it a brake
from the bad winter conditions. Which the car earned 'cause it was always dependable never let me
down, which was also proved on long vacation-trips... In the meantime I replaced the engine with one
frome an ' 88 model with low mileage, and the 4-speed Muncie FX125 with the 5-speed Getrag.

Hey, Mike & Karin thanx for the fair deal!

So I wish all the Fiero's "a long life" and that they don't have to be disguised in replicas. And all the
drivers, still the fun they already have. Thanx also the garage's like CS, all the hobby & backyards
mechanics and all the Fiero-idealists, too. Also Kai’s Fiero mailing list and every other homepages for
information exchange. Which are doing there thing to keep hopefully the Fiero alive for a long time.
It is worth!

It’s a really pim pim - car!

                           have fun, your MySign




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