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1983 - 1993 - 2003

Con Gratulations ! ...The Fiero celebrates it’s 20 year Jubilee

Fiero Day was in September, 13th, 1983.

At that day Fiero has been presented to publicity. The Pontiac & GM
management, members of congress, personalitys of the city Pontiac,
as well national and international media like TV, people from newspapers


and magazines were invited. From this moment Fieros were provide to do a test drive at the Capital Hill
in Washington. They were demonstrate by employees of Pontiac at different famous buildings of the
government like the White House.
On the picture: The former General Manager Bill Hoglund in front of the Capital Hill in Washington.

Information were taken from the advisable book by Gary Witzenburg

October 19th, 1992 was my very personal Fiero Day. At that day I had
seen my first Fiero (left picture), which I almost would have bought.
In “My Story” you can reed how I got my GT a half year later in
January 19th, 1993

Now I drive and live for already 10 years for Fiero with great enthusiasm.



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